Corporate Strategy and Governance

  • Visioning, strategic direction setting and planning
  • Governance systems and performance reviews
  • Strategic review and performance improvement
  • Organisation review and restructuring
  • Comprehensive organisation development and culture change
  • Risk management
  • Program and policy reviews
  • Public benefit assessments

Business Performance

  • Business strategy and planning
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Business unit and systems performance
  • Commercial and competitive assessments
  • Customer and market research and market strategy
  • Performance contracts and service agreements

Financial Management

  • Financial forecasting / performance
  • Cost containment and efficiency strategies
  • Productivity improvement
  • Financial system review / development
  • Operational reviews and financial investigations
  • Business risk assessment

People and Culture

  • Human resource strategy and development
  • Attitude and culture surveys
  • Comprehensive training and development programs
  • Reward systems / conditions of employment
  • Staff and Team development
  • Individual counselling / coaching / mentoring
  • Position evaluations and salary review
  • Performance management and coaching
  • Grievance management and misconduct investigations

Recruitment and Selection

  • Position analysis, Position Descriptions and selection criteria
  • Advertising and search strategies
  • Preparation of advertising material
  • Design of job application kits
  • Managing enquiries and search activities
  • Selection panel chair and membership roles
  • Selection processes – assessment and interviews
  • Referee checks
  • Selection committee reports
  • Negotiation of salary packages

Client and Community Engagement

  • Market research
  • Client profiling and engagement strategies
  • Community consultation and engagement strategies
  • Facilitation of team meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Customer surveys and research
  • Managing customer experience

Organisation Change Management

  • Change requirements including culture change
  • Design of change strategy and plans
  • Leadership of change programs
  • Selection and development of change facilitators
  • Communicating change intentions
  • Monitoring change program performance
  • Assessing change impacts

Learning and Development

  • Executive leadership and management development programs
  • Corporate governance and director effectiveness
  • Personal development / effectiveness
  • Project management
  • Team leadership and development

Natural Resource Management

Property Management Planning

Land Use Planning

Rehabilitation and Vegetation Management

Environmental Investigations

Environmental Management Plans

Environmental Impact Studies

Fire Management, Risk Assessment and Plans

Bushfire Attack Level Assessments

Forest Resource Assessment and Valuation